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Meet Veronica + Lauren

We're besties from NYC, both born and raised in Naples, FL who love the sun, fitness, and travel! 2 years ago we totally fell in love with Greece - the beaches, the wine, the winding blue and white towns, and the amazing people we met.

The only problem was finding a great outdoor workout. Yoga retreats were many days or even weeks long. Gyms were inside. And running along rocky cliffs and rural roads sounded... unwise. So we got inspired! And came up with Sweat Vacay.

Our group-style yoga, cycling, and mat pilates classes let us share our favorite parts of Mykonos with you. We'll show you gorgeous sea views and the parts of town we love most. Introduce you to our cool new local friends. And share our favorite authentic flavors, pointing out amazing authentic menu must-tries along the way.

We can't wait to share the very best of Greece with you. Let's sweat together!

Vee + Lauren


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