3 Paraga Party Musts

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Got a day on Paraga Beach? Here are the hot spots you have to hit up!

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We at Sweat Vacay love everything about Paraga Beach in Mykonos. The turquoise water. The white sand. And that rock! Swim to it... if not for yourself... then do it for the gram ;)

1. SantAnna

SantAnna boasts the largest saltwater pool in the Mediterranean. Nuff said.

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But I'll say more. What we love about this place goes beyond their epically sexy pool be speckled with "private islands" you can rent for the day. The party gets going mid-day, but kicks it up a notch in the evenings with a full calendar of Celeb DJs, and private sets from the top artists from around the globe. We missed Jason Derulo by 2 days and seriously almost cried real, hot tears about it.

But what we think makes this place really spacial is their farm-to-table approach to food and their

Cali-comes-to-Greece attitudes toward healthy lifestyle. The restaurant is beautiful. The bar is a place to be seen. And the beach is flawless.

Come work out with us here during the season, and you'll be sweating in style fo sho. With the pics to prove it.

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2. Scorpio

Yes, the legends are true. This place is like if Mad Max had a baby with a sunset and a cocktail. It is "the place" to "do sunset". But seriously, any time of day or night spent here is going to be worth your while. And while the food and drinks are world-class, the point is really the people-watching. The garb and vibe is luxe post-apocolyptic indie beach goth. And if you're into black, bikinis, and tribal face paint... you might want to do a dress up day with friends and go all out here. There's a time and place for everything. And a Summer night at Scorpio is the time and place to pull that look out of your bag of tricks.

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3. Kalua

“The calamari tho”

The party at Kalua is all around and ever present. Someone (maybe you?) is always ordering big sparkler filled buckets of champagne. The beach boys are fine AF. And the music makes you wanna dance... even though we know you really want to sleep. It's a great place to rent a beach chair and cuddle up with one of the owner's adorable beach doggies while you sip local wine and flirt with the waiters (Yes, Queen. There's a cabana boy for you too, sir).

Pull from the fun energy around you. Everyone at Kalua is happy. And a pot of the mussels will make you even happier.

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Veronica Kennedy