Blowin' In The Wind

One of our fave "north island" beaches.

FireShot Capture 361 - Blowin' In The Wind -

On the north shore of the Island of Mykonos is a little inlet that is pure magic - Panormos.

Ask anyone on Mykonos and they will tell you that the north side of the island is windy. And they aren't wrong. But tucked behind a little outcropping is an inlet protected from the wind. And yes, it's perfect!

This is Panormos. It's relatively small. It's not super fancy. And that's what makes it so great. Sometimes you need a break from all the glitz, champagne, and booming bass beat of the bigger, wilder beach clubs. A vacation from vacation, if you will. And this little swath of sand is that vacation.

This is a great place to bring your own towel, pack a picnic, and have a more low-key kinda day. But there is a little restaurant nearby if you don't want to totally "rough it". It's quiet, and picture perfect. Exactly where you'd want to take a dip, lie about in the Grecian sun, and fall asleep with a book over your face. If you need a break, this is our go-to to unwind like a local.

Want something with a bit more panache? Panormos is also home to beach club Principote - a "culinary voyage" complete with mouthwatering gastronomy, shisha, and a boutique.

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Veronica Kennedy