3 Drinks You Gotta Try

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

And they aren't what you think ;)

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Mykonos is the ultimate party island. But these three distinctly Greek beverages are totes at the top of our list for liquid refreshment.

The OJ

“It's like orange crack.”

I can't imaging the love that must go into these oranges to produce juice this sweet. The fresh squeezed orange juice on this island has got to be one of the world wonders. It's SOOO orange. Like pigment like woah. And it's SOOO sweet. Like your mouth's prayers have been answered in the form of juice. I'm from Florida. And I have NEVER HAD JUICE LIKE THIS anywhere in America. This Greek OJ is insane. And you must try it. Period.

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The Water

If you've been to Mykonos before, you'll know that you can't drink the tap water. It's too salivated and mineral-heavy. You'll basically dry up like a rain. And not in a cute way. So bottled water is the law of the land and the way to go when you're feeling thirsty. There are so many cool Greek brands with hard-to-say names, and beautiful bottles. This one here looks like cut crystal. J'adore! I've probably tried 6 or 7 brands. All delicious. I personally always reach for the big bottles at the store to keep in my bag all day. You will never look back on your vacay and wish you had been less hydrated. It's not a thing.

The Wine

“So much local wine. So little time.”

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Ahhh, the local wine. This is one of the best parts of Greece. If you are island hopping, consider checking out a winery. We love #SantoWines on Santorini and #Moraitis on Paros. But if you are just doing Mykonos, they have many wines from these two estates.

If yo love a cold, crisp, citrusy white, we recommend asking for ask assyrtiko. It's a white Greek wine grape. And it's flipping fantastic.

The Friends

Drink with us! We love the local wine, foods, and friends. Book a class with us and then stay and hang. We always invite our new workout buddies to join us in a cheers with local bubbly, stay for a green juice, or just hang on the beach with us. We love introducing people to new people, places, and pleasures (flavor-wise... what were you thinking?) Join our sweet mailing list to get updates on #SweatVacay

Veronica Kennedy