The Jet Setter Playbook 1st Edition: Water World

Welcome to the first installment of The Sweat Vacay Global Wellness Traveler Directory. Here we highlight everything from traditional, to exotic, to downright novel wellness travel experiences that need to make their way onto your list. These are the spas, workouts, and destinations that are sooo worth the jet lag ;)

For our initial post, we’re featuring water-related (re)treats for the mind, body, and soul. Covering hot spots all over the globe that will take us to India, Greece, and ahhh… Wisconsin. I enlisted the help of my two most well-travelled friends, the beyond beautiful Rebecca Cornelius, and the amazing warm-hearted and hilarious Ms. Helen Overstreet. Here, for your consideration, are some of our collective faves.


  • The Oberoi

    New Delhi, India

The Oberoi recently underwent a 100 million dollar renovation. So, yeah. It looks amazing. This particular location opened in 1965, and is set in the city center, overlooking the 16th-century garden tomb of Emperor Humayun, which is, BTW, a Unesco World Heritage Site. And guess what else is in the backyard? A totally gorgeous pool! Now that I've seen it, it's all I can think about.

Rebecca's pic of the pool

Rebecca's pic of the pool

Rebecca's pic of the Marigold Bath

Rebecca's pic of the Marigold Bath

And if soaking in this pool wasn’t enough, one of the spa’s specialties is range of botanical-infused baths - like the Neem purifying bath, the Marigold bath, a milk and rose bath, and a detox herbal bath. Rebecca snapped this vividly colorful pic of the Marigold bath. How insanely pretty is that!? Plus she said she had an amazing massage, and to ask for Ribhaka because she has magic hands and is beautiful to boot.



• Sweat Vacay

Mykonos, Greece

This is plugging a brand near and dear to my heart. One with an epic view of the Aegean, I might add. Although Sweat Vacay holds a bunch of classes in Mykonos Town, the classes held on the water are something unique for sure. The two classes I want to highlight are the Beach Yoga and Poolside Spin at SantAnna.

For one, the crystal blue waters at Paraga Beach are well... crystal clear... and so blue its basically a screen saver. So whether you chose a morning or a sunset class, no matter if you're in 'sweat mode' in an active vinyasa class, or in 'vacay mode' in a passive restorative yin class... you will find peace in those perfect, softly lapping waves.

FireShot Capture 354 - The Jet Setter Playbook 1st Edition_ Water World -

But that pool tho. Yeah. I know. So SantAnna boasts the largest saltwater pool in the Mediterranean. Good thing there are 20 Sweat Vacay spin bikes around it every morning. It's the perfect way to start the day: Spin. Pool. Farm-to-table lunch. Local wine. Beach bed. Snooze in the sun. If that isn't heaven, then ring for a dinghy and ship me out to sea. You can start booking classes as soon as the end of April.



• The American Club

Sheboygan, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Ya gotta get up to get down. And sometimes you gotta go all the way to Wisconsin to experience the bold look of Kohler. I'm not kidding. Kohler is a village in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, settled just along the Sheboygan River. The same place that makes all the fine-finished fixtures we lust after in the kitchen and bath showroom is also home to a 5 Star resort.

Helen's shot of the Whispering Straits course

Helen's shot of the Whispering Straits course

Walter J. Kohler built The American Club in 1918. After the invention of the bathtub took off, a cutting-edge factory was built to satisfy the new, ever-growing need and demand to be squeaky clean. Made complete by an immigrant workforce with a need for housing and community. Believing "A worker deserves not only wages, but roses as well,” Walter undertook the incredible task of building a dormitory that would include a pub, a bowling alley and barbershop. Stylin' ;) Plus all the residents had opportunities to take English classes and to learn about citizenship.

And The American Club as we know it today has evolved into a full-service boutique hotel. There, one might enjoy one of its four world-class Championship golf courses. Eat at their showcase restaurant - The Immigrant, or even in the original dining hall, now called The Wisconsin Room. Or you saw this coming... indulge in the healing waters at The Kohler Waters Spa.

Helen's pic of the Kohler Waters Spa

Helen's pic of the Kohler Waters Spa

Helen loved the mineral-rich thalassotherapy that was a high point of her visit. Thalassotherapy comes from the Greek “Thalassa” - which means sea, and “therapeia” - which means healing. It's basically an ancient seawater cure. And according to French experts, thalassotherapy is one of the best remedies to mineralise and detoxify our bodies. Noice!

Had enough water yet? No? Good. Because there is what was described to me as a "glass wigwam" on the lake on the golf course where Helen did partner yoga with some girlfriends at... wait for it... Yoga on The Lake. You've def seen partner yoga on Insta with friends and couples making awesome poses together. She said it was a sweet, fun learning experience, and I really want to book a girls spa and yoga weekend, like, now. You coming?

Veronica Kennedy