The Sweat Vacay Progress Report

Updated: Apr 13

Ok. Our friends, fans, and followers have been asking... "when are you leaving NYC to move to Greece?", "are you coming back?", "are you even fitness experts?", "do you have a studio?", "how are you paying for this?", "how can I get in on this?", etc. So here's our progress report to answer all your brilliant questions!

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We move to Greece on the 22nd of April for a tentative May 17th Sweat Vacay launch on the isle of Mykonos. Woo Hoo! Thanks to everyone along the way who checked in on our journey of establishing our Greek and American entities, navigating the Greek legal system (with lots of help from our team), interviewing Greek instructors, learning new programs, getting our visas, scoping out houses, and making new friends and business partners. It's been a lot of work!

And yes, friends. We are coming back in 6 months. Mykonos is a seasonal tourist destination. Our season will wrap up at the beginning of October and we'll return stateside to start planing for the next season.


Naw. We're not fitness experts. But between our combined skills in IT, Business Operations, Advertising, and Brand-Building we knew we could create a successful business model. So for the big hole in our skillset... the very important fitness bit... we looked to industry professionals for guidance. And only the best of the best would do. So we looked to our Greek equipment distributor - Real Motion. To luxe cycling brand Stages for first-class equipment and training. To our mentor - Ruth for help navigating the group-style fitness space. To globally-recognized Booty Barre for our barre training. And to our boutique fitness consultant, Noel who is joining us all the way from Jakarta! So yeah. We assembled a pretty kick-butt crew of advisors to guide our ship.


We have something WAY better than a studio! We have partnered with three local hot spots to host our classes so they can all be held outside in the most picturesque places on the Island. Because "workouts with local flavor" only makes sense if you're working with awesome locals.

FireShot Capture 348 - The Sweat Vacay Progress Report -

Our poolside cycling classes will be held exclusively at SantAnna. This Paraga Beach must-see has the largest saltwater pool in the Mediterranean. So yeah. These classes are going to be epic.

We'll get our zen on in the walled garden cafe of Cine Manto located in the heart of Mykonos Town. Named after a local heroine (ummm... Girl Power!) this space is a quiet respite from the crazy party vibe of town. You can join us on your mat (provided, with towel and water to boot) under tall, beautiful trees for a yoga session sure to calm your mind.


We funded the first year and a half ourselves. Then we started a formal fundraising round. Thank you, investors! You rock!! And we are still taking on investors who are looking to invest $10k or more. So go to the "contact us" tab and contact us if you're down with female founders taking on the global wellness tourism industry. Holla!

And if you're looking to snag some Sweat Vacay branded swag, pre-book a class, or make a contribution of any amount to our business (ad)venture, check out our crowd-funding site on iFundWomen. Every dollar counts, friends. Especially at this stage.


Of course you do! It's an awesome business. We get it. You can help by sharing this blog post or by sharing our iFundWomen link with your friends and fam and audiences on social media. Love only grows when it's shared. Words so wise ;)

So thank you everyone for being part of our Sweat Vacay community. And to stay in the loop, follow @SweatVacay on Instagram and sign up for our Jet Setter Mailing List right here on our site. Namaste, friends. See you on vacay!

Veronica Kennedy